“There, in depth ― is the source of Life. The instinct of life starts on its path from there. This is exactly what HORA is called: depth. Our path ― is not “philosophizing” and not just “physical”. Our path ― is based upon the evolutionary principle of Life.”

“The Practice does not wear one out with clever and incomprehensible words, and does not rock one’s imagination ― as though you breathe into yourself some kind of energy stream. Instinct has had an incredible experience of how to survive, and knows this better than you: better than your imagination, better than any words about energy.”

"And this perfection takes place at incredible speed. Humans are slow, their thinking may go something like this: "If one put his hand on a hot tea pot, he should remove it fast," ― but instinct does so without hesitation. The practice works exactly like this.

And the human mind cannot realize and accept what is happening, ― and track how to get from A to Z, bypassing the entire mental alphabet. Because the speed is too high an ordinary human mind cannot keep track of it.”

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