“The property of Life ― is the constancy of change. Those who do not have time to change, those who do not have time to adapt ― life erases them from its "house registry" and has no regrets about the action taken”

“Your genetics are not good. What your parents passed to you is not too great already, and will only deteriorate in the future. All people are in this "not too great" situation. Regardless of whether they like it or not, this is so. And it is easy to prove: a nuclear explosion affects all trees around the world ― surely the human nervous system is not less sensitive than a tree?”

“In nature, only the human spine is falling apart. The reason is extremely simple: humans are missing a guaranteed instinctive stability/anchoring. Nothing in this world can develop without it. Without proper stability/anchoring, a tree cannot grow. Without proper stability, a house cannot stand ― it is dangerous, the roof could collapse on one’s head. The same thing is happening to the human ― "the head is falling down into the heels”, thus breaking the spine.”
“The idea is simple: if you force this center of gravity in yourself to work, then consequently you follow the unified law of Life. Even a particle of light,the photon, is complying with this law ― according to this law, all objects of this world are seeking agreement with each other. Thus, with respect to universal selection, one of the first laws is selection on the basis of the best, the chosen. A human is either professionally “being thick?”, or,because of some kind of other interest, bypasses the law.”

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