Practice HORA®

Training of a new skill is a range of actions aimed at the changing of the genetics features in the clearly specified direction.
Any HORA® exercise awakens the gravitational centre stability in a compulsory way.
Any HORA® exercise connects attention with the awakened gravitational centre stability.
Any HORA® exercise activates trance-gravitational type of breathing. 

Trance-Gravitational® Human

Trance-Gravitational® Human will replace the Homo sapiens.
To become the Trance-Gravitational Human® means to embody in oneself the Trinity of The Nature®.

The Trinity of The Nature®

The Trinity of The Nature® is:
a) conscious gravitational centre, b) as a consequence, a different type of attention, namely the gravitational one, c) and as a result, the gravitational type of breathing.
The change of breathing creates a different type of physiology a different heart beat rhythm a different type of chemistry in body and brains different energetic interconnections Different contour.


Gravitaneer® will replace the Trance-Gravitational® Human.
Gravitaneer® has a different coordination connection between the brain, body and nervous system. The connection moves to the instinctive level and it becomes an instinct and genetics memory once The Trinity of The Nature® skill is trained and accumulated. Thus, a new conscious system of the human kind evolution is developed, namely the conscious evolution.
This is the end of the unconscious evolution.

2018 HORA® monthly week-end intensive classes in Helsinki

What is trained: Trance-gravitational type of attention and action, in body and mind.  1. The stability/anchoring, based on the laws of nature (activating the center of gravity).  2. Concentration of attention, based on the laws of nature (spatial-mobilization and object-mobilization).  3. Maximum relaxation and readiness for action or cancellation of action.  4. Muscular trance-extension, trance-elongation, return of teenager-like ability to learn.  5. Unity of calmness and action, inseparable with the breathing, not typical for the human, but inherent to him.

What are the effects:
  1. Rapid recovery after any kind of loads, stresses and depression.  2. Psycho-emotional stability and growing endurance.  3. Ability for long concentration of attention without tension and fatigue.   4. Unity of calmness and action – qualitatively new level of mentality.  5. Vitality, lightness, calmness, clarity in mind and body.

What is the aim:  Conscious species evolution.The next evolutionary step a human as a species  will take consciously.

When: Saturday at 17.00-19.00 and Sunday at 08.45 – 10.45
January: 20.-21. February: 17.-18. March: 17.-18.April: 14.-15. May: 12.-13.September : 1.-2. October: 6.- 7. November: 3.- 4. December: 1.- 2.

Helsinki, Bulevardi 27, 3rd floor
Lena Gakkel, Practice HORA® leader, Irina Kachelina, Practice HORA® leader
We speak:
Finnish, English, French, Russian
Info & registration:
mob. +358 50 3843644
Facebook: HORA Finland

HORA Trance FIT weekly trainings

Every Friday,  starting from 12th of January, at 19.00 – 20.00 
“On the basis of basic European, initially disciplinary, gymnastics, which is about two hundred years, I have created already trance-mobilization gymnastics. This form of gymnastics is capable of changing any kind of sport, giving to it another impulse”. (Master HORA®) As a training  method HORA Trance Fitness is built on the two basic principles common to a human being:

  • emission of adrenaline that goes along with visible shivering in the wrists and body
  • elongation of the muscles, common to the young growing organism.
HORA Trance FIT:
  • Consists of two components of gymnastics: fast and slow fitness exercises
  • Can be trained by anyone, not only athletes
  • Activates entire body into work, and thus the body forcefully becomes more and more anchored/stable.
  • Creates conditions for simultaneous training of incompatible opposites: dynamic action and deep calmness.
  • Creates conditions for completely new quality of attention and action.
  • Increases plasticity inherent to young people as an absolutely indispensable condition for constant acquiring new knowledge and skills, as a psychological ability of acquiring skills.
Where:  Helsinki, Bulevardi 27, 3rd floor
Who:  Irina Kachelina, Practice HORA® leader
We speak:  Finnish, English, Russian
Info & registration:
mob. +358 50 3843644
Facebook: HORA Finland


A compressed course for young people

February - April 2018

Registration is ongoing
Lena Gakkel, email:
mob. + 7 921 913 5543
Irina Kachelina,
mob. +358 50 3843644






“Next evolutionary step a human as a kind will make consciously and FOR SURE. Hadn’t I known all further following steps, I wouldn’t have spoken about the next one".

“Can you call me a Gravitaneer? Yes and no.
I am combining and connecting: Homo sapiens Trance-gravitational human Gravitaneer and further along the whole chain. I am in between all of them, I am a connecting link, a bridge”.

Master HORA

Irina Kachelina

Practice HORA® leading specialist