“There are laws, to which ALL the objects of this world obey ― all without exception. The center of stability, the center of weight in us ― this is the embodiment of the law of gravity in a human being. All races, nations, religions and science comply with it, whether they want or not, whether they like this idea or not.
This is one of the laws, which is followed, rather than ignored, by HORA.”

"Explanation of living gravitation:

Newton was lit up with an idea: an apple fell on his head, he deduced the law of universal gravitation. But he still did not know this law himself, did not realize it through himself.
We all know this law, that is not awakened in us ― we know and we don’t know. This is the level of thinking of contemporary intellectuals ― knowingly do not know.
Now imagine that you know this law in yourself and you are becoming its living carrier. Therefore, you knowingly enter into a unified world law, to which all objects obey unconsciously, including the human being.
The logic here is simple ― how to become a conscious participant of a unified developing information field, a constantly evolving stream.
Thus, you deliberately return to evolution, and in it you are no longer unconscious and blind, but the conscious and seeing.
This is a different level of consciousness, available to man".

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