HORA-Trance-FIT is a unique type of training that allows you to train your attention and to launch the adrenaline in the body simultaneously. Even after one training session a person comes out with a charge of energy and in state of deep calmness, calm and decisive. 

In order to be effective, you need to have enough energy and attention.

If one has a lot of energy but his attention is weak - that leads to hustle. Such person wastes his energy in vain, not concentrating on the target, and therefore not having an accurate roadmap for its achievement.

If attention is good but there is not enough energy – this is contemplation. To keep the attention on the target, but not to have the energy enough to achieve it  - that means to "pour your potential down the drain". The quality of attention plus the energy reserve are two necessary conditions for evolutionary development, and these conditions must be fulfilled simultaneously and this is exactly what we train.