“Make the word "endurance" part of your arsenal and do not allow anyone to confuse you with the practices of "standing on one’s own head," which does not increase endurance. Turning oneself inside out does not increase endurance either. If you want to be valuable in society and rely on yourself, you should begin to reflect on the simple word "endurance." Endurance ― is your efficiency in life.

“Modern medicine and good cosmetics will make you look good. But without endurance you have simply rewound the mileage on the meter artificially. Such a tune-up does not add “horsepower” to the engine.”

“The modern world ― is a world that exhausts a person. Information is constantly changing, and there is no point where you can stop, stabilize yourself and then move on. The mind does not withstand this. Young professionals who had no time to mature are quickly replaced by younger ones. The competition is stiffening to the maximum. If you want to be the king of your business, you must stay competitive at all times. If you want to be the king of your business, ― as long as you live you must be inexhaustible. This is exactly what our practice is for. Simply put, it is the practice of endurance.”

“In our practice, endurance increases, and all practitioners know that. And everyone knows that in the practice of breathing ― it is not just a breath, but a power breath in the powerful stable/anchored body. And such a breath ― is one of the components that begin to reduce real biological age. And this is why the level of activity increases for all HORA practitioners ― intellectual activity, and physical activity as well.”

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