Irina Kachelina,   Practice HORA leading specialist

Dear friends!  

I would like to introduce you an absolutely universal, global and ultra progressive theme,
namely Practice HORA.
As a scientific and training method HORA is aimed at conscious species evolution.
CONSCIOUS SPECIES EVOLUTION  -  separately all three words are clear, but together make no sense …or what if?

HORA declares and proves that the next evolutionary step a human as a kind is able to and will make consciously.

How? Based on the synthesis of modern scientific knowledge, using the factor of human consciousness as an instrument for transformation – a benefit only a human being has gained – following the laws of development common to each and every object in the Universe without exception – the Gravitation.
The founder of Practice HORA is Master HORA. This is a completely self-contained, know-how method, which is not
borrowing anything from any other system.
The method has been successfully practiced already over 20 years with constantly spreading geography, in particular in Russia, Kazakstan, USA,  Finland, some European countries.    

Welcome to enter new space and knowledge of Life and its development! 

Welcome to reveal and train a way more progressive type of psycho-physical structure in yourself! 

Welcome to conscious species evolution!