Irina Kachelina,   Practice HORA leading specialist

Hi! Let me briefly introduce myself.  My name is Irina. I am 33 years old. I’ve lived in Finland over ten years. Travelled almost all over the world. High level of official duties, responsibility, big loads, necessity to be successfully useful on the crossroads of different mentalities and cultures, high inner quality standards made me search for a training method in order to grow and to stay vigorous and active despite loads. So, 2010 I started practicing HORA, 2014 got trained as a leading specialist , since then have been conducting own groups in Helsinki and Pori, assisting in arranging and conducting regular intensive classes in Moscow, Stockholm, Paris, New York.

This blog is opened for communication on all possible aspects in the context of HORA   - the range is boundless as gravitation itself and at the same time extremely pragmatic. It’s all about basic Principles of development of life.
Conceptually HORA is aimed at the conscious evolutionary development of a human as species.

You might say: Evolution is such a scaled uncontrolled process with billions of years behind and ahead.  What does it have to do with my own life and my personal interests?

I can list a few examples, what training in HORA gives personally to me on the purely pragmatic level. These are: quality of attention, inner calmness and  self-confidence as ability to act without a doubt, emotional stability and psycho-physical endurance, depth, sharpness and simply taste for Life.
Still compared to the scale of the next evolutionary step these are minor things.

Conscious evolutionary development of a human as species is a NEW  page in the history of the humankind civilization. Gravitation consciously embodied in oneself , creating a gravitational type of attention and action will introduce a human to a new informational space, new dimensions of knowledge and development. This is tremendously cool and much more profound and serious than one can even imagine!