"On the basis of basic European, initially disciplinary, gymnastics, which is about two hundred years, I have created a trance-mobilization type of gymnastics. This form of gymnastics is capable of changing any kind of sport, giving to it another impulse". (Master HORA).

HORA Trance Sport:
Can be trained by anyone, not only athletes.
Activates entire body into work, and thus the body forcefully becomes more and more anchored/stable.
Creates conditions for simultaneous training of incompatible opposites: dynamic action and deep calmness.
Creates conditions for completely new quality of attention and action.
Increases plasticity inherent to young people.

Helsinki, Otaniemi, Unisport, Otaranta 6, Aalto-tila.
Who: Irina Kachelina, Practice HORA® leader
We speak: Finnish, English, Russian
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