What is trained: Trance-gravitational type of attention and action, in body and mind. 1. The stability/anchoring, based on the laws of nature (activating the center of gravity). 2. Concentration of attention, based on the laws of nature. 3. Unity of calmness and action.
What are the effects: 1. Rapid recovery after any kind of loads, stresses and depression. 2. Psycho-emotional stability and growing endurance. 3. Ability for long concentration of attention without tension and fatigue. 4. Unity of calmness and action – qualitatively new level of mentality. 5. Vitality, lightness, calmness, clarity in mind and body.
When: Saturday at 17.00-19.00 and Sunday at 11.00 – 13.00

Helsinki, Bulevardi 27, 3rd fl.
Lena Gakkel, Practice HORA® leader,
Irina Kachelina, Practice HORA® leader
We speak: Finnish, English, French, Russian
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+358 50 3843644 (Telegram)
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+79219135543 (Telegram)